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Jennifer Lopez’s Age-defying Secret that Makes Her Look 29 Instead of 49

Jennifer Lopez has to be one of the most timeless beauties in the entertainment industry, known for her curves and good looks. But there’s one thing that this American songstress is known for, and that’s her flawless skin and youthful features despite the fact that she’s almost 50 years old!

You’re probably as confused as we are for Jenny’s visible lack of aging. Is she secretly a vampire or has she stumbled upon a fountain of youth? The answer is much simpler. The ‘On the Floor’ singer humbly admitted that she owes her youthful appearance to her obsession with living a healthy lifestyle. The actress doesn’t believe in following unrealistic diets or working out excessively. She follows a simple yet healthy lifestyle where she gets almost 9 hours of sleep every night and makes sure she is hydrated throughout the day.

Lopez doesn’t play with her workout regime. She dances at home and mixes the dance with workout routine that includes lift weight, circuit training and yoga.  When it comes to her meals, she allows herself to indulge yummy meals. Though, she is not a great eater but when she is in the mood, she can eat a lot. On days when she does intense workouts, she makes sure to drink two protein shakes to give her muscles the right nutrition to recover properly.

One of her favorite post-workout meals is a chocolate protein shake made with sunflower butter and banana to give it a thick consistency and great taste. Beyond her fitness and food regime, she meditates every day to keep body and soul in one piece.

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