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How To Break Up With Your Smart Phone For A Relaxing 2019

Imagine the world before mobile phones arrived. We wore watches, had our personal music systems, and went to small indie theaters to watch movies. If a friend had plans to visit, we waited for them to call us or send us a letter to know of their whereabouts. Talking to loved ones who lived faraway was quite an event, and the phone booths were often our only option. Professing love through letters was common and highly romantic, too. Back to the present age, all these have become almost obsolete, thanks to this amazing device called a mobile phone. Communication has definitely improved, and at the same time, so many things changed in our lives. Family dinners are plagued with the problem that no one talks since everyone is busy with their phones. Even young couples who are out on a date would often be seen looking down on their phones. If you have come to realize that your relationship status with your phone should change drastically, here are some good ways to do it.

Ask Yourself What You Are Missing Out On

No, we are not talking about the “fear of missing out” (or FOMO) here, which, if you didn’t know, is the feeling of anxiety about missing out on life after seeing posts on social media. Ask yourself what you are missing out on when you keep your eyes glued to the phone. Let’s face it — we look at our smartphones as a source of entertainment, so it is hard to deny ourselves something that is pleasurable. Hence, reframe the way you think and ask yourself what you could have done using the time you spent while browsing the Internet — hanging out with friends, pursuing a hobby, reading a book, watching a show on TV, talking to your loved one, and the list goes on. You will be spending more time on your real life that way instead of your virtual life.

Positioning Is The Key

Once you decide to break up with your phone, you need to place things in certain positions that will trigger in you the urge to stay away from it. For example, choose a charging dock away from your bedroom, leave a book you want to read on your bedside table, invest in an alarm clock, or keep a shopping list ready for that dish you have wanted to cook for a long time. On your phone, delete social media apps and use browser versions instead. Since the experience won’t be as seamless or easier to navigate, it might help you stay away. Also, choose which apps can send notifications. Unless it is of immense importance, turn off notifications. Finally, follow a strict rule of staying away from your smartphone during meal times. Reinforce it strictly among family members, too.

Create Speed Breakers To Stop You

Often without any rhyme or reason, we pick up our phones to check on something and end up spending hours on mindless browsing. If that has happened to you too, maybe you can create some speed breakers in the right places. For example, put something on your phone like a rubber band that will remind you why you have it in there in the first place. Alternatively, you can create a wallpaper or lock screen image that might remind you that you are not supposed to waste your time on the phone.

Stay Away From Your Phone For Small Periods of Time

Staying away from our smartphones makes us anxious as we keep worrying whether we missed answering an important call or message. We crave our phone all the time, and we sort of miss it if we don’t have it in hand. But if you want to get rid of that habit, try staying away for small periods. For example, go for a walk without a phone. While commuting, keep it inside your bag and don’t take it out at all — talk to the person sitting next to you or look out the window instead. It won’t be easy at first, but slowly, the yearning will go away.

We hope these methods will help you break up with your phone or at least encourage you to minimize your time living online. However, when everything fails, just think of all the things that you might have missed while you were stuck living online, all the missed opportunities and beauty around you. If you don’t want to have that kind of thought, you should start right away and do everything you can to break your habit of being with your phone all the time!

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