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These Six Relaxation Techniques Can Help You Combat Psoriasis

As we all know, stress may act as a trigger to various physical and mental ailments. Although psoriasis is a genetic skin condition, it can be caused by extreme stress. Therefore, reducing stress is essential for combating the skin condition, too. While yoga is widely regarded as an effective relaxation technique, there are other ways to relax, too. If you can embrace any or some of these relaxation techniques, you can stave off one of the biggest trigger factors for psoriasis.

Laugh To Your Heart’s Content

Almost all the studies on laughter and its health benefits indicate positive outcomes. Why is laughter often dubbed as the ‘best medicine’ around? This is because laughter effectively improves your respiratory rate, heart rate, as well as respiratory depth. This, in turn, helps your muscles to relax and your heart rate and blood pressure to drop to normal as a consequence. If you can take time out each week to laugh with friends or to watch a stand-up show, you may just follow exactly what your doctor recommended.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

PMR, or Progressive Muscle Relaxation, is a technique in which one needs to tense and then relax a specific cluster of muscles. Muscle tension is one of the major factors behind anxiety, and when you work through each group of muscles, you basically release stress from your body in a systematic manner. This particular technique can also help you in reducing your heart rate and blood pressure while slowing down the breathing. You can do it anywhere you wish – at your office, at a park, or even when you are just waiting for the bus.


Massaging is a widely used relaxation technique. However, getting a good massage on an everyday basis can be difficult for you, and it may cost you a few hundred dollars every month. Self-massaging is a cost-effective alternative. You can just use a foam roller (you can buy it online) to get good massage all on your own. Use the foam roller to break up the knots in your tissue and muscles. This is a highly effective relaxation technique which can help you in doing away with stress. You can even find printable guides and YouTube tutorials for self-massaging.


Hypnosis is perhaps the most effective relaxation technique for athletes, and for virtually anybody looking to fight anxiety and stress. This relaxation technique is ideally performed by professional hypnotists, but you can always find self-hypnosis audio clips and detailed tutorials online. The objective of the relaxation technique is to lead the mind into a deeply relaxed state. If you can adopt this technique for a few days, you can keep stress-induced psoriasis at bay.

Music Therapy

The therapeutic benefit of music is yet to be explored in its entirety. It has already been scientifically proven that good music can change our moods for the better and reduce pain and reduce anxiety as well. Remember the last time you listened to your favorite music and how it changed your mood? Of course, our tastes differ and you may have a personal top ten list of soothing music tracks. If you want to completely do away with stress, music therapy has no better alternative. Choose a music video or recorded audio clip which perks you up almost instantly, and listen to it for an hour or so.


Biofeedback is a relaxation technique which is often used by therapists for reducing stress and anxiety. The technique involves gaining better control over your body’s certain functions, such as controlling your breathing. You need to connect with electronic sensors that will provide you detailed information on what’s going on in your body so you can make little changes. Typically, biofeedback is carried out by professionals in a medical facility setting, but you can also do it yourself by using gadgets and devices that are now easily available online.

Aside from the relaxation techniques described above, you can also fight stress and psoriasis by doing workouts regularly and by educating yourself about the different trigger factors. Psoriasis is not infectious, treatment is easily available, and if you can stave off stress, you can possibly keep the chronic skin condition out of your way. Try these relaxation techniques and you will definitely be better off.

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