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Here’s How You Can Stick To Your Weight Loss Goals This Holiday Season

The holiday season is already knocking at our doors. It’s the season to celebrate our traditions, to give some quality time to our family and friends, and to revel in turkey and casseroles. Usually, people who are on a weight loss mission do not mind putting on a few extra pounds during the festive season – probably because they hope that they can melt off the extra pounds once the festivities are over. However, in most cases, they cannot attain their weight loss goals even after the holiday season is over. Here’s why and how you should stick to your weight loss goals this festive season.

Why Should You Stick To Your Weight Loss Goals?

Most people think that gaining 10 pounds of weight during the festive season is absolutely fine. The average American ends up gaining about one to two pounds during each festive season. While this might not seem too much, the extra pounds gained during the holiday season tend to stick around and do not come off even if someone puts in extra efforts to melt off the fat in the coming months. Most people see their weight loss goals go out of the window quite helplessly as the holiday season sets in, and they just wishfully think that they can restart their mission at the start of the next year. But for most people, their weight loss mission does not fall through. The best way to stick to your weight loss goals during the upcoming festive season is to avoid gaining weight in the first place. Here’s how you can do it.

Celebrate Traditions Away From The Dinner Table

Traditions are at the core of the festivals we celebrate. Food is something which is integral to our festive traditions, and when we feast on all the delicacies, we hardly think about the consequences. This holiday season, try to have some family time away from your dinner table so you can reduce your holiday calorie intake to a certain extent. You may play an active game with family and friends or take part in a fun event such as Thanksgiving Turkey Trot to spend some happy time with your near and dear ones. Even if you can walk around your neighborhood after a meal, it would give you a boost.

Eat Mindfully

Whenever we think about Thanksgiving, a large roasted turkey in the middle of the dinner table is what comes to our mind. It’s indeed difficult to eat mindfully during the holiday season. However, you should bear in mind that if you consume a meal too fast, it can potentially lead to overeating, and you may feel uncomfortable after some time. Mindful eating will help you in recognizing if you are full or not, and you can enjoy your meal along with your family. When you take a bite, try to have the full experience. Think of who is around you, the texture, the aroma, and the taste of the food you are eating.

Share Healthy Dishes With Family And Friends

Of course, you do not have to drop your favorite desserts off your menu. However, you can always look for healthier options when you are preparing a Thanksgiving spread in the kitchen. Try to eat nutrient-rich foods while not depriving yourself of the once-in-a-year delicacies. For instance, you can prepare some Greek yogurt and freshly cut, seasonal fruits to increase your vitamin and minerals before turning to more succulent dishes.

Be Honest to Yourself

Your grandma surely wants all of her family members to savor all the local and special recipes during the festive season. But it can be problematic for you if you are trying to lose weight for quite some time now. Therefore, always talk to your family members about how you want to spend your holiday and what kinds of food you want to avoid. Tell them that maintaining weight is important for you to live life to the fullest. If you talk to your family about your weight loss goals before the holiday season sets in, it will help in reducing the peer pressure.

Do not forget to weigh yourself once a week to keep a track of your weight. If you can stick to your weight loss goals, you can possibly lose even more weight next year. Best of luck!

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