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How To Combat FOMO and Keep Your Mental Stability

What do you do first thing in the morning? You wake up, contemplate for a while, go through your daily ablutions, meditate, do your exercise routine, have breakfast, and get ready to start your day. Unfortunately, neither do we follow such a disciplined routine nor can we afford to. Nowadays, time for ourselves and our well-being becomes a luxury as we are plagued with stress and responsibilities. As for entertainment, most of us are too engrossed with our smartphones, accessing our social media accounts to see how others are doing. Just one swipe will take you to the world of your virtual friends. In our news feeds, we get a glimpse of someone else’s holiday abroad, a big event that they attended, or a new car or house. Seeing these seemingly picture-perfect lives makes us feel as if the entire world is having fun except us.

Fear of missing out is real, and the word FOMO is not some weird acronym anymore. In 2013, the word was added to the Oxford Dictionary, making it official. Thousands, if not millions, of people worldwide are probably affected by this, and may even have a negative impact in our well-being. Here are some tips to help you beat your FOMO syndrome.

Embrace The Fact That Nobody Can Have It All

Try to separate your needs from your wants. Truth is, if you aim to fulfill every single want that you have in your life, you need to understand that there will be no end to it. Be wise, and accept the fact that there are some things that will be unachievable considering various factors like your financial capabilities maybe or responsibilities. Instead of constantly trying to reach for something you want, learn to prioritize between your needs and wants because it’ll help you cut off other unnecessary options. Once you do that, you will get a clearer picture of what really matters to you.

Take It Slow

In a world where everybody is running, one might question the urge to slow down. But, if you do, you can achieve an overall well-being that most people can only imagine. Slowing down and being mindful about every single thing you do is extremely important. In fact, scientists have found out several reasons why we should do that. Whether you are eating, driving, talking, walking, or even making love – slow down. If trying to slow down is not working, try to put stickers or post-its in places where you can see them. A constant reminder might help you to actually do it. Involve your other family members, too, so that way, it will be easier to make it a habit and help others do it as well.

Concentrate On The Experience Not The Symbol

An experience is what makes your life richer. A feeling, a connection, beautiful stories, some adventures – these will stay with you forever, and your stories will be with your loved ones who will be passing it on to the next generation. Experiences are immortal. But, we cannot say the same about materialistic gains. An expensive house, a luxury car, fat bank accounts, marriage – these are just symbols for the actual experience. They, at best, provide a temporary feeling of pleasure which isn’t bad in itself, but the feeling you get from a satisfying experience that nourishes your soul can be far more impactful than that of pleasure.

Be Grateful

FOMO can often stand for the fear of not having something that is essential for our well-being. But in our race to have-it-all, we often forget to be grateful for what we have already. In this age of consumerism, being happy with what we have sounds like an irony almost. But if we can only cultivate a culture that promotes gratitude and makes us count our blessings, it will lessen our FOMO for sure. Instead of whining about things you don’t have, look around you and be thankful for what you do have.

Relationships Over Acquisitions

Finally, give importance to your relationships and not your materialistic acquisitions. If you spend more time with people who really matter to you instead of dwelling over the fact that you couldn’t buy that particular designer handbag that year, you are actually doing the right thing. If you keep practicing this, with time, you will realize that you feel more satisfied with your life than before — a feeling that might work as an antidote to your FOMO.

Just like how we’re trying to bring back organic and other sustainable methods in every sphere of our lives, slowing down is equally important. Not just for our mental health but also for our physical health. Practicing mindfulness and slowing down to enjoy the process can help us combat FOMO and live better.

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