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Eight Surprising Ways Journaling Can Help Improve Your Mental Health

Journaling was always considered to be a practice that only writers used to swear by, but times have changed. Nowadays, people belonging to all age groups have realized that journaling for mental health is an excellent therapy which has proved its efficiency in relaxing your mind and boosting your mood. Now, you may wonder what’s so special about jotting down your fears, your apprehensions, your accomplishments, and your deepest intimate thoughts and how can this benefit your mental health and perk you up. Let’s find it out.

Journaling In The Digital Age

In recent times, bullet journals have gained paramount importance on social media. However, gratitude journals are not far behind as more and more people are developing an inclination towards keeping notebooks to pen down their thoughts or just scribble whatever runs across their mind. Aside from that, journaling apps and digital journals are also bagging popularity, especially among those individuals who don’t have a liking for the same old pen and paper.

It Improves Your Memory

Many studies have revealed that expressive writing can play a major role in improving your memory. Jotting down about anxious and stressful situations can help in reducing your intrusive thoughts. If your brain dissipates a greater amount of cognitive energy on stress, lesser are the chances of it conserving the same to form memories. Journaling helps your brain to get rid of the stress.

It Can Lower Your Anxiety Levels

Since time immemorial, writing has been considered to be a productive way to get rid of anxiety and stress. A study conducted by Michigan State University revealed that journaling helps in reducing anxiety and is an extraordinary outlet to vent out all feelings of disquietude. Expressive writing prevents individuals from getting burned out and aids in an effective functioning of the brain.

It Helps You Get A Proper Sleep

A study in 2013 established that people who journal their traumatic or negative experiences are more likely to get a sound sleep than people who avoid it. Individuals who prefer journaling their physical wounds have a quicker chance to heal.

Gratitude Journals Has Ample Mental Health Benefits

A survey conducted recently found that gratitude writing can be a great way to boost your mental health, and enhance your decision-making power, along with ameliorating a mental health disorder. It can also make you kinder.

It Helps In Reducing Symptoms Of Depression

A research in 2013 was probably the first one conducted to prove that expressive writing could be effective in lessening symptoms of depression in individuals who are affected by MDD (Major Depressive Disorder). It was also discovered that people with MDD who penned down their depressive thoughts had their depression scores waned off.

Maintaining A Dream Journal Can Help In Increasing Your Creativity

Keeping a dream journal of any kind can help in creating a rush in creative thinking. Apart from making you feel more inventive, imaginative, and creative, it can also enable you to delve deeper into your subconscious mind. Massive benefits, right?

Journaling Your Dreams and Goals Helps You In Accomplishing Them

Penning down your life goals and objectives can actually make a difference in yourself and help you in realizing them. Again, a study divulged that individuals who jot down their goals have attained more than those who preferred not to. Moving ahead, people who wrote their objectives down and shared them with family and friends had a greater probability of accomplishing what they have dreamt of, in comparison to those who have shown more interest in keeping their goals secret.

It Polishes Up Your Leadership Skills

Keeping aside some time for yourself to pen down your thoughts may not seem to have any connection with developing or improving leadership skills, but as a matter of fact, it has. Stealing ten minutes from your daily schedule and keeping a record of all your thoughts stimulates your perception of the world around you, a quality that’s essential for developing a leadership trait in your character.

If you haven’t yet thought of trying out journaling yet, go for it. You may take up some time in order to adjust to it, but in the long run, it’s only you who will benefit out of it. You don’t need anything fancy or have numerous supplies. What matters is being able to express yourself through words. This simple practice has advantages galore and is absolutely priceless. All you need to do is pick up a pen and get set go!

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