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The Ideal Morning Routine To Kickstart Your Day And Get Healthy

As we age, our body goes through various physical and chemical changes. Most of these are irreversible unless you are ready to go under a knife. However, following a good lifestyle helps a lot to keep our bodies and skin away from the effects of aging. By starting and maintaining this kind of lifestyle and strict routine, this should be able to delay the onset of premature wrinkles, lines, and age-related diseases. Most of us tend to follow a certain diet and go to the gym and think it is enough. But no, your entire schedule should support your healthy lifestyle. And where should you begin once you decide to turn over a new leaf? Well, let’s begin with your morning routine. When you wake up and what you eat afterwards all matter and aid in your journey.

Gone are the days when mornings used to be the time for contemplation as to where our lives are going and where we want them to go. Also, it used to be the time when we could have some time for ourselves and be at peace. Not anymore though. Thanks to our gadgets, our mornings start with checking what our friends have been posting on Facebook. If you need to get away from it all, follow these steps to make your mornings brighter and better for your body:

Wake Up Early

Every successful person is known to be an early riser. The fresh morning air free from pollutants will keep both your skin looking fresh and younger and your mind sharper. In one survey, it was found that city-dwellers are more likely to develop wrinkles earlier than those who stay in the countryside. Waking up earlier will give you more time to prepare for the day. This means you will be less stressed out by the time you go about your day. Less stress equals less aging symptoms, and that’s not a secret.

Keep Your Bathroom Time Fixed

Keeping a fixed time for your bowel movements will help you avoid constipation which means a healthy gut. When the toxins are cleared away from your body, your skin will look brighter and clearer. It has been found that constipation or not clearing bowels regularly leads to a bad case of acne, and that might leave behind ugly spots on your skin. And while you’re in the bathroom, make sure to splash water on your eyes after waking up. This is considered as good exercise for the eyes.

Brushing And Gargling

Your oral health is as important as the rest of your body, so don’t forget to brush your teeth. We usually gargle when we have sore throats, but gargling with a pinch of salt after waking up is much recommended, too. The salt helps in cleaning up the softer tissues in our mouths as well as our gums.

Working Out

A light workout session is a must in the morning. If you already have a gym membership, you can, of course, skip this part. But if you work out at another time, then it might help if you do a few stretches in the morning. Doing yoga or going for a walk helps, too. If you can add to them a few breathing exercises and meditation, it will be great for both your mind and body.

Washing Your Face With A Mild Cleanser

A gentle and preferably chemical-free cleanser is best for your face. As we sleep at night, dust and oil  accumulate on our faces so it is important to clean it up after waking up. It will leave you fresh and keep your skin healthy. It also makes sure that your skincare products can enter your skin easily and work more effectively.

Follow Up With Toner And Serum

After washing your face, use a toner to combat those big pores that tend to open up more with age. The toner will help even out your skin and prepare your skin to better absorb other products in your skincare routine. After a toner, use an anti-aging serum which will keep those fine lines and sagging skin at bay.

A good start in the morning will help make each day productive and will help you keep away anxiety, worry, and stress. Our skin health is highly dependent on your physical as well as mental health. Hence, we need to take care of our entire body.

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