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How Black Tea Can Be A Game Changer In Your Weight Loss Journey

There are new fads trending for weight loss every day. Sometimes, it’s a new kind of diet or a superfood not many have heard of, but of course, there are also common ones like green tea (which is known as a metabolism booster) that numerous people rave about. Going along the lines of tea, there’s a particular kind that only few people talk about — black tea. It seems that various exotic tea has captured the imagination of common people, but black tea, which is easily available and cheap, has failed to make an impression. At least not yet. Human beings do have a tendency to neglect things that are easily accessible and very common. Our minds are always drawn towards the exotic, the one that is hard to find. While that trait has helped explorers and inventors a lot over the years, it is time to get real. Black tea has a whole lot of benefits that you might not be aware of. It even aids in weight loss. So here are a few more reasons why you should be having it daily!

Boosts Metabolism

Aside from green tea, black tea has the same function in terms of speeding up our body’s metabolism. It can be the perfect weight loss drink for you. Have it once or twice every day, and it will boost your metabolism. However, it is best to limit your intake to two cups a day in order to avoid other complications, like an increase in blood pressure.

Burns Fat

Black tea is full of antioxidants like flavonoids or polyphenols that help in protecting our DNAs from getting damaged with age. It has also been linked to detoxification of the body. All these along with a faster metabolism definitely help in burning belly fat. Since it is a natural drink, it has minimum side-effects, and even if some people do experience them due to its caffeine content, these can be easily averted if the intake is kept within limits.

Reduces Risk Of Heart Attack

Research has indicated that black tea has reduced the effects of atherosclerosis, a heart condition where the arteries are clogged. In fact, women benefit more in this regard. Aside from the aforementioned heart condition, drinking black tea also lowers the risk of a heart attack or other heart-related conditions.

Helps Lower Cholesterol

As mentioned before, black tea helps reduce clogged arteries. Generally, a high cholesterol level builds up plaque in the arteries which result in blockage. It has been found that having black tea regularly helps lessen the bad cholesterol (LDL) and promotes good cholesterol (HDL).

Controls Sugar Level

Black tea has proved its efficiency in controlling blood sugar levels. People with high blood sugar usually have a high insulin level in their blood. Often, it is the reason people gain weight and fail to lose it. Black tea helps remove unwanted sugars from the body. It works as a detoxifier and removes toxins as well as extra sugar from the body. Hence, it is a great drink for diabetics.

Helps In Constipation

Most of us don’t even realize this but a healthy digestion system and a good gut health can often play a vital role in our weight loss journey. The European Journal Of Nutrition has come up with a publication that has proven that black tea stimulates the good bacteria in our gut which aids in keeping our gut in good shape. No wonder it can help in constipation as well stop diarrhea. Basically, it is good for your stomach.

Works As Stress-Reliever

It is no secret how stress can be the reason for your cholesterol, high blood pressure, sugar, heart diseases, and even a deterrent in your weight loss journey. However, with the kind of lifestyle we have these days, it is hard to avoid stress. Black tea is a great stress buster as it has a calming effect on our nerves and brain. So, next time you feel stressed out, make yourself a hot cuppa. It will surely help!

Black tea is a super easy drink to make. But if you’re not a fan of tea, there are supplements than be an alternative but of course, consult your doctor because getting your hands on them. Also, remember the weight loss process is long and needs patience. It can’t happen in a day and work like magic. Only if you are following a healthy lifestyle, eating your meals in time, and getting your share of exercise, then you can expect your black tea to work as well.

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