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Eat More, Lose More — Four Golden Rules For Weight Loss

Most things in life follow a certain process, and the process is often quite simple and easy. What is difficult is to be consistent in following it. The same things can be said for a weight loss program. It doesn’t take much to know that losing weight involves following a fixed diet as well as exercising regularly, but to do it every day without fail is not easy. Even if you do manage to exercise daily just because you don’t want your money wasted on that exorbitant gym subscription, maintaining a diet can get tricky at times. Even if you stay away from the goodies and cravings that your stomach yearns but makes you look fatter, it is difficult to avoid them. Most diets will tell you to eat less, stay away from carbs and fats, and avoid fast food. However, what if we told you that you can lose weight by eating more? Sounds like a puzzle? Read on then!

Increase Protein And Fiber In Your Diet

Cut those carbs and fats and include more protein and fiber in your diet. Proteins help our bodies stay full for a very long time. If you are having fish or chicken, for example, some boiled or sauteed vegetables and a little bit of bread or rice on the side will be perfect. Fiber helps in absorbing sugar from the blood which the body utilizes as energy instead of being stored as fat.  Chicken, fish, turkey, salad, zucchini noodles, chia pudding, berries, cheddar cheese, eggs, and spinach are great sources of protein and fiber. Lean protein like chicken, fish or turkey are far healthier than beef or ham.

Eat Good Fats

There are good fats and bad fats, and you must be aware what food contains which fat. Healthy fats make you fuller faster, and also helps keep your cholesterol level at bay. They also reduce blood insulin level and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. It is crucial to remember that fat doesn’t make you fat. On the other hand, unhealthy fats should be avoided. Fast food, processed, and deep-fried food are packed with these unhealthy fats. If you are eating something fried at home, no need to avoid it, but do have it in moderation. Another study has proven that having fat-enriched food for breakfast helps us keep away from cravings throughout the day. Clarified butter, avocado, sunflower seeds, and coconut oil are great for the body. Use them in your salads, smoothies, and soups, and do yourself a favor!

Have A Meal In Time

It has been found that giving a gap of four hours or more between two meals increases the chance of eating more than needed — it worsens our cravings. What happens is, the blood sugar level plunges, and we end up overeating. Weight loss is not just about leaving out certain things from your diet; one more imperative part is portion control. When you give a long gap between two meals, you can’t really control your portions. Also, eating at the right time might be the key to your weight loss. Our digestive juices are most active until 12 in the afternoon. Having lunch by this time will definitely help. On the other hand, since we don’t move much at night, having dinner at least two hours before bedtime helps in digestion. As mentioned before, don’t forget to have a meal in between. It can be some healthy snack or a full meal, depending on your dinner time and what you eat at dinner. The important thing here to keep in mind is that it should be filling as well as healthy.

Swap Foods

If you are good at counting calories, this should be quite easy for you. You need to evaluate your diet and find out what kind of food you have mostly. Next, take the time to figure out which food has the most calories. Then, the next thing to do is to look for a better alternative of that food with a lower calorie count.  Swapping foods like this will help you keep yourself filled up with healthy stuff without the worry of excess calories.

Having said all that about weight loss, going by the modern opinion from nutritionists, it is important to remember that weight loss for a healthy lifestyle is good, but don’t get obsessed with your body weight or image. It won’t do any good for your physical or mental health.

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