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Simple Anti-Aging Hair Remedies

While gray hair is often considered to be a symbol of being an intellect, for most of us, it comes as a shock when that first strand of gray peeks out from our head. Graying hair happens naturally with age. Unfortunately, after the age of 30, 10-20% of our hair starts graying. Though we can’t really stop it, we can definitely slow down the whole process or even cover it up if we want. Coloring our hair is probably the easiest solution for most of us. However, the harmful effects of the chemicals used in hair colors have surfaced now. Hence, many are reluctant to use hair colors on a regular basis. Another problem that surfaces around this time is hair fall, especially for men who experience baldness at a later age. We say, ditch the chemicals and go for all natural stuff. There is plenty of goodness in them that will help your hair grow back, reduce the graying strands, and even camouflage them without using colors. Sounds good? Read on!

Natural Dyes

First, we will talk about natural dyes. Remember that Mother Nature always has a better alternative that can help cover up or hide the grays without the chemicals. The boxes of hair dye that we buy from the mall have numerous harmful effects on our health. Though there has not been any direct connection, but they have been linked with cancer in recent years. So here are a few natural dyes that you can use alternatively. The best natural dyes are definitely henna and black tea. Henna is great for auburn to brown hair colors. It is found in powder form and can be mixed with other ingredients like lemon juice, vinegar, essential oils, and more. Depending on the number of graying hairs, you can apply it on your scalp once a week or once a month. After applying, leave it on to dry and wash it off after at least 45 minutes to an hour. As for black tea, put two to three tea bags on boiling water and once it’s cool, apply it on your hair. In case you are a blonde, you can opt for chamomile tea, and as for redheads, rooibos is your answer. Using coffee or the Indian gooseberry, Amla regularly helps, too.

For Thinning Hair

Next comes the problem of thinning hair or baldness. If you have been taking really good care of your hair so far, it might be in good condition. However, that does not necessarily mean that you won’t get bald. Baldness often happens due to genetics, the chlorine content in water, or a severe dandruff issue that might lead to hair fall. One of the best natural ingredients to reduce hair fall has to be onion juice. Even doctors have talked about the goodness of it and how it helps people for whom even medicines and ointments fail. This vegetable is rich in sulfur and allicin which helps reduce chances of infections. It also helps lessen inflammation and hydrogen peroxide from hair. In case you had no idea, hydrogen peroxide is one of the key reasons for graying hair which means you can solve both problems of graying and thinning hair by onion juice. Another ingredient that works like magic in restoring good hair health is coconut oil. Yes, it turns out that this magical oil is not just great for making smoothies. Apply some hot oil on your hair and tie a towel around it as you leave it for 1-2 hours. Shampoo later for best results.

Take Supplements

Sometimes, those gray strands or bad hair might be the effect of poor diet lacking in essential nutrients. If our body doesn’t have enough minerals like iron, zinc, and copper, it can also lead to a loss of melatonin, the key to our hair color. Hence, if you have been leaving broccoli, shrimp, or walnuts from your diet, it is time to add them back. Often, lack of vitamin B12 might be the reason behind bad hair as well as fatigue, extreme mood swings, and lack of energy. Since these symptoms can be the result of various other issues, we don’t pay heed to it right away. Check with your physician and start taking B 12 supplements. You might see the changes in a few months.

Aging is a natural process, no doubt. But if you don’t want to change how you look, it is completely your decision. Just stay away from harmful stuff and stick to organic remedies.

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