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How NOT To Gain Back The Weight You Had Lost

After months of toiling, your hard work has finally paid off! You have not only lost weight but have managed to reach the magic number which also happens to be your ideal weight. Now what? Of course, since you have come this far, you need some mental fist pumping and definitely a pat on your back. Surely, you are sensible enough to know that you cannot go back to your previous lifestyle now that you are here. But did you know that a survey found out that almost 80% of people gain back the weight they had lost? Not quite encouraging, we admit. But to make sure that you fall in the other 20%, here are a few tips that might help you maintain your perfect weight as you make a conscious effort to choose a healthier lifestyle.

Get A Weighing Scale

Your first step towards maintaining your weight would involve some amount of shopping! Did that get you excited? Well, now that we have your attention, all you need to buy is a weighing scale if you don’t have one. Surely before you lost weight, you hated looking at how much you weighed, but now, you need that very machine for a different purpose. The fact that you have reached your ideal weight, it is a constant reminder of your achievement, a driving force to keep you motivated. Looking at your weight and realizing all the hardships you underwent to reach it will only help you maintain it. Hence, feel free to weigh as often as you want. Every week is good if you’re up for it!

Keep Maintaining Your Healthy Lifestyle

It is time you realize that a healthy lifestyle is not just some means to reach your weight loss goals — it is a way of life. Just like brushing your teeth every morning on auto mode, you should be exercising, too. Add to it at least seven hours of sleep and healthy eating choices. Regular exercising and weight training are keys to a good health. If on certain days you have missed your exercise, just walk or bike to your office, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and take a walk for five minutes after sitting for an hour.

What’s Good And What’s Not

Most people might think it means following a special diet or restricting certain things from your meals, but that is not true. A healthy diet would mean a diet that is balanced and full of essential nutrients that our body needs. Processed and refined foods should be avoided as much as possible, and the same goes for fast food. Lots of raw vegetables or fruits in your diet will do you a lot of good, and of course, at least eight glasses of water every day is a must. Remember, these choices do not depend on your weight, age, or health condition. Each one of us should adopt these practices and help others do the same. Aside from these, practice portion control, too. Whether you are at a party or at home, having food that you like doesn’t mean you have to eat so much of it. Eating small to moderate portions of whatever meal you have is the key to maintaining a healthy weight.

Keep Doing What Worked Before

Whatever had helped you lose weight previously should work well now, too, hence, don’t stop doing it. If you kept a food journal to write down what kind of meal you had and how many calories they consisted, keep doing it. It will help you keep a check on your food habits. If you find you are going back to your earlier food routine before weight loss, either you start controlling your diet or increase the intensity or hours for your workout.

Avoid Triggers

Was it too much stress that led to your weight gain? Do you eat when you are depressed? If yes, try to stay away from triggers like this which might lead to binge-eating. However, it might be difficult to control all your cravings. So instead of trying to control them, enjoy them but a bit differently — like, instead of that after-dinner Netflix marathon coupled with an ice cream tub, make a tasty dessert out of Greek yogurt and fresh fruits. When passing by your favorite bakery, drop in, but share the pastry with your friend. Your friends and family play a very important role here. They are your support system. Confide in them, so that even if you give in to your yearnings, they help you get out of it.

The journey is never over once you lose weight. You need to keep setting goals — realistic ones — that will give you a sense of achievement as you maintain your healthy weight.

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