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How To Make Mundane Food Interesting And Lose Weight Along The Way

There are numerous weight loss articles available on the internet, and anything related to this topic almost immediately catches our attention, especially when we want to lose some extra pounds. People across the globe have finally understood the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle which includes maintaining the right weight, eating and sleeping well, and exercising. It’s easier said than done, so it’s essential to be disciplined in our daily life, maintaining consistency all throughout. The biggest challenge of all is eating healthy because the world is full of sumptuous-looking food but aren’t really good for our body, not to mention that many people think that healthy food equals bland. Truth is, nutritious food can be delicious and full of flavor. You just have to know how which alternatives are better and how to make them tasty. So, here are answers to all your questions. We have compiled a list of things that make our food tasty and are healthy, too. Curious? Read on!

Use Stevia Instead Of Sugar

Leaves of the stevia plant are a lot sweeter than processed sugar. So, if you use stevia, you would need only a little amount. Additionally, a highly purified extract from the leaves of stevia is now allowed to be used in the USA and Canada which is a better alternative to other kinds of extracts which have been found to cause male infertility and genetic mutation. The best part of stevia is it doesn’t add up any calories or affect blood sugar and insulin levels. It is definitely a better substitute than sugar if you use brands like Truvia or PureVia which are safe to use according to the USFDA. Now, you can gorge on brownies or truffles without feeling guilty at all!

Say Yes To Red Sauce

Pasta and pizza have made Italian food hugely popular. But, you need to be cautious when choosing your pasta and sauce because it’s important to be smart about what you eat to avoid gaining extra calories that can make you fat. For example, choose whole wheat grain pasta over refined flour pasta. In some places, you might see that the pasta is made from only durum wheat. Though this kind has a high protein content, it loses the germ and bran in the refinement process. It is better to choose whole wheat grain over durum wheat if there is an option. Next comes the sauce. If you prefer white sauce, you should know that it contains butter, milk, and refined flour which are not as healthy as the red sauce as the former contains more calories. Most of the ingredients for the red sauce are healthier, too!

Ditch The Mayo, Go For Mustard

Instead of fatty mayo, mustard sauce should be your go-to dressing. Mustard oil and sauce are packed with the goodness of Omega 3 and 6 which are fatty acids that are extremely good for our health. If you do a comparison between mayonnaise and mustard, you will find mustard has low calorie content with almost no fat, whereas mayonnaise has about 90 calories in a serving. If you are eager to have a healthy diet, choose a mustard sauce or dressing on your salad and sandwiches.

Refined Flour Vs Grain Flour

It is a known fact that refined flour is an unhealthy option, and if you do have it in your diet, it is advisable to have it in moderate quantity once in a while. But cakes and cookies shouldn’t be a constant in your everyday diet. If you are dying to have some pancakes, use multi-grain flour — not only will you be avoiding refined flour but you will also have something healthy for your body. In fact, there are lots of new recipes that use rice flour, coconut flour, or almond flour instead. So, go ahead and take your pick, but choose what is healthy only!

Butter Or Nut Butter?

Butter can make normal food taste a lot better, no doubt about it. But, it can, at the same time, affect your health, too. These days, people have found that various kinds of nut butter are better, more delectable alternatives than normal butter. The popular choices are almond or peanut butter, but you can try using clarified butter (a kind of butter wherein water and milk solids are removed). It has been found that this kind of butter is extremely good for our health and helps lower cholesterol as well as contributes lipids for metabolism.

Following a good diet, eating in moderation, and avoiding what is bad for your body should become your habit. Remember you are doing yourself a favor by inculcating healthy habits. It takes a lot of getting used to, but soon enough, you’ll be able to reach your body goals.

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