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Morning Stiffness and How to Avoid It

Morning Stiffness Is Quite Common Among People Of All Ages

It may happen to any of us. You feel great while going to bed, but when you wake up in the morning, you start feeling wobbly. Did you have too many pillows for comfort or your limbs got screwed up? In both cases, you wake up with stiffness here and there in your body. What might be the reason? Well, when your muscles are placed in a compressed position for a long time, stiffness is what you get.

Unless you change sides in sleep, you keep your body in exactly the same position for a period of seven to eight hours. If you happen to sleep in some sort of a funny posture, you wake up with loads of discomfort. Try the following workouts to ward off your stiffness. Some stretches and releases before sleeping off might do to you a world of good and you can open your eyes the next morning rejuvenated and renewed.

For The Back

Hip Flexor Release

Use A Lacrosse Ball While Doing Hip Flexor Release

Lie down on your face, and place the lacrosse ball below your hipbone on the left, placing an adequate and bearable weight on the ball. Bend your left knee back to form a 90-degree angle. Move the left leg from one side to another to a tolerable extent. After repeating this for 30 seconds and giving a two-minute gap, change sides and repeat the same.

King Cobra Stretch

Lie down on your face, and keep your hands on your side, making them wider than your chest-width, and your palms turned outwards a little. Move the right leg upwards to 90 degrees. Press your hands down, lifting your shoulders up and keeping your arms straight. Squeeze the glutes, keeping your shoulder blades back and down. The hips should touch the floor with your elbows near your sides. Looking up, twist your body to the right. Return to the starting position, and repeat to the left.

Rectus Femoris Stretch

Rectus Femoris Stretch Is Commonly Done By Athletes Before Sporting Events

Stand with your legs apart at your hip-width. Bend the right knee, keeping your right foot close to glutes and grab your ankle. Keep your knees in proper alignment and tighten the abs. Pull your foot to your glutes until you feel a stretch. Hold the position for 30 seconds and release. Repeat it on the left.

For The Neck

Pec Release

Face the wall with a ball on the chest just below your collarbone and away from your armpit at two inches. Lean and put a bearable weight on the ball, and shift from one side to the other. Move your arms and your shoulders up, down, back, and forth while leaning on the ball. Carry this on for 45 seconds.

Scap Complex

Stand with your feet apart at shoulder-width. Take the ends of a resistance band in each hand and grab, pulling them to form the shape of a ‘T’ with the body, your shoulder blades squeezed together. Stand in this posture, raising your arms up and turning your palms forward, bringing the resistance band back to form a ‘T-shape’. Don’t forget to keep the shoulder blades squeezed together.

Upper Trap Release

Take Help From Your Fitness Trainer If Need Be

While standing, keep your shoulder under a bar, or you can also place a lacrosse ball just midway between your neck and the edge of your shoulder that is restricted. Slide from left to right until you get to find the soft spot. Once you are done, keep shrugging your shoulders for 45 seconds in an up and down motion, until the tension in your spot eases out.

These are the stretches that can ease out the tension in your tender area. Most of the time, you are in a fix, contemplating on how to go about the day with such stiffness and tenderness. A stiff back or a stiff neck is the last thing you would want at the start of a day. You can ward off all the unwanted aches with ease if you prep your muscles with some stretches before jumping on to your bed. An everyday routine of these will aid you in overcoming the typical causes behind all the stiffness. Have a healthy morning every day!

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