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Eight Bad Habits That Can Be Terrible For Your Dental Health

It is not right to neglect your oral health. Always remember that our oral health works as a window for the rest of the body. Sometimes, it can give us a hint about some deadly disease even before we need to go to the doctor. Hence, taking care of your teeth is a must for everyone. However, without even knowing, we tend to develop some habits that can be disastrous for our oral health. Do you have any of those? Read on and see if you have them:

Sucking Fingers

Kids tend to develop this habit early on. It is alright to suck on fingers or pacifiers till they have their permanent teeth. But, after the age of 5 or 6, this has to stop. Sucking fingers can actually affect tooth and even jaw structure especially thumb sucking has been often linked to misalignment of teeth. It might sound like a small issue but misalignment can lead to chewing and even breathing issues later on.

Sucking On Lemons

Though it’s quite uncommon, but some of us have a habit of sucking lemons. This can have a serious negative effect on your teeth. Lemons contain citric acid which, through frequent sucking on lemons, may lead to the abrasion of the tooth enamel. It can erode your teeth so badly that it creates an uneven texture on your teeth.

Brushing Too Hard

Some people have the wrong conception that brushing very hard might eliminate germs. This is totally wrong. Brushing too hard will only spoil your brush and lead to the erosion of your teeth’s enamel. It can also make your teeth extra sensitive to cold, cause trouble for your gums, and even cause cavities. It is best to brush softly using brushes with soft bristles. Also, make sure you brush your teeth in an up-down movement and not sideways.

Clenching Your Jaw Or Grinding Your Teeth

Do you tend to clench your jaw and/or grind your teeth often? Well, it is time to cool down and try all your calming down tactics when you feel that angry the next time. Clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth often can have a severe impact on your teeth. You might not even realize it but your teeth can get fractures or microfractures from the extreme pressure you exert on them. Microfractures tend to make teeth more prone to damage in future.

Crunching On Ice

Do you chew on an ice cube if you happen to get one in your mouth from your drink? Next time you do it, think twice! Ice is not good for your teeth as it can cause enamel loss and even tooth decay. Aside from that, you could also injure your gums or in worst cases, chip your teeth.

Using It To Open Plastic Bags

Your teeth are exclusively designed to chew on food particles, not to tear plastic bags of potato chips or the price tag from your clothes. Don’t use it as a tool. Every time you do it, you can crack and damage your teeth or even ruin an already existing dental work that you had.

Biting On Nails

Just sucking on thumbs is a terribly bad habit of kids; biting nails is another habit that can affect your teeth. Most young adults and even adults have this irritating habit. It can happen because of anxiety disorder as well. When you have this habit over the years, it might cause your enamel to splinter. Most importantly, it moves the teeth out of place and compromise the structure of your teeth. Think of it, do you really want to spend thousands on dental cosmetic surgery that you could have avoided?

Drinking Soda

Once in a while is fine. But if you are one of those who would replace their water with soda with every meal, then beware. These drinks are acidic. When we drink soda, we are actually exposing our teeth to acid for a long long time. This can result in tooth decay and loss of enamel, too. It is especially important to remember that brushing your teeth right after drinking soda might be even worse. Your teeth will be soft from the acid, and brushing it right after might make your teeth be more susceptible to erosion. Remember, this is true for any kind of drink that might have acidic content like orange juice. It is best to wait for 30 minutes before brushing your teeth after a meal.

Now that you know what is not good for your teeth, it would be best to get rid of these bad habits, if you have any. Neglecting your oral health might get you in bigger troubles, so take care of your teeth!



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